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Craig Richardson

My focus is Medicare Advantage Plans and supplements for the senior market. My clients know that I value them as people and care about protecting their interests over the long term.

Dealing with Medicare can be complicated and there are many online resources that can be confusing to navigate:

  • Medicare and You handbook,
  • Medicare.gov website,
  • Social Security websites, and
  • constantly changing Medicare legislation.

I am here to help make your enrollment simple and straightforward.

There is never a consultation fee, just a no-pressure explanation of products so you can make the right decisions in regards to your insurance needs.

Medicare is always changing, so I am always learning. Let me help you find the best health care options for YOU. 


I've never met an insurance professional that cares about his clients more than Craig. He treats every client like a member of his own family, ensuring that they are on the best plan for them, and he patiently explains all the benefits. He's always available to answer any questions or concerns. Craig is the best!

Nancy K

Craig Richardson is especially knowledgeable about the Medicare plans available. He does flawless due diligence prior to presenting you with Medicare plan options. I've used Craig for 7 years and referred him to friends and family and they express their appreciation for my referral. Based on um experience with Craig Richardson, I now refer him to you!!
Pastor Rick K, Texas

I recommend Craig as an insurance agent to everyone I know and here's  why: Craig is very knowledgeable on all insurance options and takes the time to find the best plans for your need.  He gives you several choices and also discusses the pros and cons of each plan.  Craig is always available for questions. I've yet to stump him. Additionally, he is professional and I have watched him work with many other clients who were overpaying or had been lacking coverage.  He's very personable and easy to talk with.  I am so thankful he  is my go to guy for all things insurance.

Debra M

I am the Food Pantry Coordinator at Woodland Community Church. Almost four years ago, I was introduced to Craig Richardson.

Being a bit skeptical and very protective of our Pantry Clients, I was hesitant to give access to a stranger. So, I kept a close eye on this Craig guy!

Here’s what I discovered…

A man who TRULY cared about his fellow man. A professional who REALLY knew his business. A friendly CARING man who had almost instant rapport with EVERYONE he met! Hmm…sounds too good to be true? NOPE!

Over the years I have witnessed Craig help people navigate through a system that is NOT user friendly, ALWAYS to the clients benefit. It’s not just insurance that he provides; It's a friendly smile, a joke, a hug, a box of food to people who can't get to the pantry; A friend in a world where people without an agenda are hard to find.

I now count him as a friend, and often take advantage of that friendship by asking him to help the helpless. He NEVER says no…He ALWAYS helps people to get the best possible plan. He is absolutely relentless and reliable!

Gigi E